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Footsteps Material Management Help

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I have successfully implemented Wwise into Unity2017, and can hear sounds triggering on Object start using the Ak Ambient component.

I want to try and implement Wwise footsteps through the Standard Asset FPS Controller script from Unity using the instructions from this blog post (script at the bottom of the blog post):‚Äč

I have added the code from the blog post into the Unity script, tagged my game objects with the appropriate material tags, can run the game without any errors in the console, but still do not hear the footsteps triggering when I walk in game. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

asked Dec 1, 2017 in General Discussion by Jeshua W. (160 points)
I was able to fix the script with one line change (link below), however, now I have a new issue where my footsteps material switches are delayed by 1-2 footsteps.

I am going to make a screencast video of it tonight and try to share it ASAP.

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