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Problems with wWise Picker in Unity

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I'm setting up my first sound to verify a new Wwise integration. Using the wWise Picker, I've dragged a sound bank and event onto a prefab, which adds an AKDragDropHelper.cs script to it each time. There is code attached to the prefab that posts an event to wWise, which I can step through in VS and see in the Wwise profiler. I never hear the sound.

In the wwise profiler, I see the event posted, then the Play Action triggered, then a "Selected Media Not Found" error .

When I step through the AKDragDropHelper.Awake() method, the line:

var DDData = DragAndDrop.GetGenericData(DragDropIdentifier) as AkDragDropData;

returns null to DDData.

Anyone else ever have this issue? A couple of thougts I had:

1. The developer is loading this prefab dynamically from the Resources Directory using Resources.Load(). Is that causing the problem, like the game not loading some params from the prefab the same way it would if it was part of Standard Assets, etc.?

2. Should the AKDragDropHelper.Awake() have been called in the editor, when I actually did the Drag/Drop?

asked Dec 4, 2017 in General Discussion by Robert J. (150 points)

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