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Sound not attached to any listener... except it is

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I am trying to trigger an event in my own C++ engine, but nothing sounds. In Wwise, the notification "Sound with positioning enabled is not attached to any listener. Will use virtual voice setting".

The funny thing is that i have already initialized the Listener, and assigned it to the Game Object. I have tried with SetDefaultListeners() and SetListener(). Everything seems OK , Wwise doesn't give me any error, but the sound still not playing.

I have checked some questions about this regard, but all I have found it's that this is possible a bug of the latest Wwise version.

Sadly, these are outdated questions, and no definitive answer was given, so i can't tell 100% sure that is not a fault of my own.

Anyone has experimented this situation, or has some idea of what is happening? I'm using the latest version of Wwise.
asked Dec 9, 2017 in General Discussion by Carlos C. (110 points)

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