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BUG - Wwise Meter does not send the RTPC properly

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Not sure where else to submit bug reports but the Wwise Meter effect does not properly send values for the RTPC specified in the window - 2017.1.3.6377
asked Dec 14, 2017 in General Discussion by James W. (130 points)
I have the same issue in 2017.1.0.6302.  Does anyone know if this bug has been fixed in a later release?  It's a pretty big issue.

1 Answer

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Hi there,

Have you tried starting a capture in the Wwise editor and monitoring that RTPC in the Game Object Profiler? I know that the Wwise Meter plugin does not process audio for RTPCs in standby.
answered Dec 28, 2017 by Blake J. (880 points)