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Listener missing in Build, present and working in editor

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I've recently completed overhauling our Unity project to use Wwise integration. Everything works and sounds great, however whenever I make a build (target windows), there was no audio. I've already handled the soundbank copy issue (I'm using the build pipeline script to automate this). I attached the wwise profiler to the build executable, and all of the events are being registered, and sounds are "playing", but they show as having no route to an output device. I checked the listeners tab, and lo and behold, the listener from the main camera is missing. This problem doesn't happen in the editor.


I'm using the "automatically add listener to main camera" option in wwise settings. Is there something that causes this not to be applied in a build?




Adam L.
asked Jan 8 in General Discussion by Adam L. (110 points)
forgot to mention i'm on Wwise verion 2017.1.0.6302 and Unity version 5.6.0f3

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