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when I open my projects Wwise is blank

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Hi Everyone,

I wonder if someone can help me. Wwise was working all fine. But now when I open a project, I can't see my windows. Even if I try to view the Windows, nothing comes up. Anyone know what this could be. Is something missing from the application. Even if I try create a new project. Nothing comes up
asked Jan 16 in General Discussion by Gary H. (110 points)
I too am having this exact same problem. Updated both Wwise and the Wwise launcher today, Feb 13, created a new project from the Wwise Launcher integrated with a Unity project. "Views" tab doesn't even show any options. I cannot find a way to interact with layout or otherwise. Pretty sure its a bug, no tutorials start like this that I can find.
Did you ever manage to fix this! I am having the same issue!

2 Answers

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So I did not manage to fix the issues persay. I know I'm using High Sierra so that may be something that's interfering with the newest updates, but I'm not sure thats whats causing the issue.

What I ended up doing was using the Wwise launcher to download an older version of Wwise (specifically 2016.2.2.6553) which works on my computer. Still not entirely sure why this is the case.
answered Mar 12 by Gregory O. (160 points)
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Hello, can you try delete the Wwise folder under ~\Library\Application Support ? Depending on your version, the name of the folder could be Wwise2016 or Wwise2017.

Make sure Authoring is closed before performing that action. When you reopen the authoring, you should be prompted to install Microsoft Visual C++ dependencies.

answered Mar 13 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic) (9,940 points)