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Down-mixing multichannel files with LFE content

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Using a sub bass drop as an example rendered as a LFE in a multichannel file. On a surround sound system this content plays through the LFE speaker as designed. Because the standard down-mix in Wwise mutes the LFE channel when it is not present in a configuration, stereo listeners will not hear this effect play. This creates some problems in terms of controlling the output in a multichannel mix if you want the results to be heard in all listener configurations. There appears to be 2 options.

  1. Stereo listeners will not hear this effect due to LFE speaker being dropped
  2. Surround sound formats will have to include LFE information in front speakers so this can be summed to stereo with the effect still being audible

Is there a way to change the standard down mix configuration to include LFE in a stereo setup such as the HD Omni Default preset in Pro Tools? (L) 0dB (C) -3dB (R) 0dB (LS) -1.5dB (RS) -1.5dB (LFE) -3dB


asked Jan 30, 2018 in General Discussion by Nick D. (100 points)

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