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How can I stop the doppler like pitch bending effect when moving and hearing sound from spotreflectors?

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I am using a trial of reflect, and one of the features my team is hoping to use is the spot reflectors to create distant echoes. They sound great when I am stationary, however, I noticed that when I move there is a very fake bending of the echoes' pitch. I have tried tweaking settings and am seemingly unable to stop that from happening. Does anybody have any insight into this issue?
asked Jan 31, 2018 in General Discussion by Ryan B. (140 points)
(We also noticed this in the Wwise Audio Lab. The reflectors on the mountain do this; try using the "Hello!" shout while moving)
I think to stop this you change the speed of sound to be very fast I think around 34500 might help? I know even if the speed of sound is semi med and you have volumes everywhere they may cause a pitched ping pong effect sometimes.  If not then I am not sure. They may have a value in reflect that counts the listener when moving as "speed" and may be causing the effect you are describing but this would be the first I have heard of this.

best of luck.

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