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Cube will not open

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Hey guys, new here and am just trying to do the 101 course. Tried to run Cube from the Wise Launcher but the window open for half a second before closing again. I have used the bugs and this came up......

init: net

init: sound

AK Error: Cannot open file: Init.bnk

AK Error: Bank Load Failed

Assertion failed: (retValue == AK_Success), function snd_init, file /Volumes/SSD/Jenkins/ws/wwise_v2017.2/Cube/cube_source/src/sound.cpp, line 305.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

asked Feb 10, 2018 in General Discussion by Ben P. (150 points)
Same experience here, though as someone with a sound and music background and not a computer programming/debugging one, I haven't found any details. I just know that Cube, launched from the Wwise Launcher, opens for a half-second and then closes.

I'm on a MacBook Pro 17" late-2011, 2.4GHz i7, 16GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM. OS 10.10.5.
I've found the answer elsewhere here. So far it's working. I needed to install Wwise 2016.2.6.6153. So for Yosemite 10.10.5 at least, Cube runs from the Wwise Launcher in that version.

1 Answer

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Hey, I have the same problem. Can't seem to work it out, did you found a solution?
answered Apr 22, 2018 by F. Can Erdogan (180 points)