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Use AkState in unity project doesn't work [closed]

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I try to use AkState to implement BGM in my unity project.

I create an empty unity gameobject into scene under MainCamera , then drag a state from wwise picker onto the gameobjec.

The trigger on value is Start, state group and value was the pick up one.

When I start to play the scene , it comes no sounds . I also tried to use aksoundengine.registergameobject for the targetObj or call the aksoundengine.setstate(gourpid, stateid) in the c# script at runtime . but it seem doesn't worl.


The AK terminator and initializer works fine,  AkSoundEngine.LoadBank and AkSoundEngine.PostEvent works fine too.

Is there anything I need to check before I use "states" ? or Cound you support some sample project for unity using states ?

My unity version is 4.3.2f  , wwise version is 2013.2.9 build 4872


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asked Aug 1, 2014 in General Discussion by Leo H. (160 points)
closed Sep 18, 2014 by Leo H.

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I suggest you connect the Wwise Profiler to your game to know what's going on.  It should give you more info.
answered Aug 4, 2014 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,120 points)
selected Aug 4, 2014 by Leo H.
thanks, it seems that I didn't generate the bank correctly.