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Capture Log is broken?

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I have no idea what suddenly went wrong but after a few months worth of developing, this morning Capture Log just started...not Capturing. I can still connect to the PC using the normal Remote... dialogue box, it doesn't throw any errors, but when ti connects ti runs the Capture log for just a few moments and then stops capturing. If I re-enable it, the time scrolls forward in the Perf monitor, but nothing is shown in the log, advanced profiler, or performance monitor.
asked Feb 15, 2018 in General Discussion by Chris P. (340 points)
This just started happening to me as well.

1 Answer

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AK helped me figure out my issue - Due to a data merge, I had duplicates of my acoustic textures in two different work units. have a look for something like that, if you're still having this issue.
answered Mar 8, 2018 by Terry J. (140 points)