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Has anyone successfully integrated Reaonance audio, wwise and unity??

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Just wondering if anyone has integrated the Resonance Audio plugin successfully? I am stuck on the configuring plugin step and have been for about a week. I have scoured the Internet and there are no tuts aside the ones on googles dev page.

Please help!


asked Feb 19, 2018 in General Discussion by Jeff Brilhante (280 points)

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I have Resonance Audio working all fine in Unity + Wwise + Android, Windows, Mac, but not iOS.

What are your exact issues?
answered Feb 19, 2018 by Egil S. (1,100 points)
selected Feb 26, 2018 by Jeff Brilhante
When I have unity and Wwise connected I hear nothing at all. I also restarted and now I hear audio but nothing is being routed through the room bus. I think at times I am not sure if how by default the plugin is supposed to work. Do you mind if I see your wwise routing? I want to double check if I am routing correctly.

I also think I am talking to you on Stack Over Flow here

haha I posted my most recent response there!
Any advice to get the attenuation positioning and orientation working?