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Why is Wwise not building soundbanks? Wwise 2017.2.1.6524

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New Wwise user here! I've recently encountered a problem building soundbanks with Wwise and I can't figure out the issue. The simplest way I could explain this is that when I go to generate my soundbanks, Wwise doesn't actually generate them. My Paths are set, and If I understand correctly, Wwise is supposed to generate folders for each of the different build platforms within where I set the header file path to in project settings. For some reason, it's not for me. I know it's not supposed to re-generate sound banks if no changes have been made, but that's not what's happening here, there were definitely changes. I even tried making a new project from scratch as a test, and it would still not generate soundbanks. I tried rolling back to an older version of Wwise what was previously working as well in case it was a version issue, but the older version that had previously worked was also not working. There's no overrides active to the default project settings, though I also tried overriding the project settings manually with the exact same header file path to no avail. I also double checked in a video call with my lead programmer to make sure I was following these procedures exactly ( just to have a second pair of eyes, and he confirmed i was following it to a T. We really don't know what else to do, and we're hoping someone with a little more experience could point us in the right path to figuring this thing out. And help would be greatly appreciated!

-Waffles From Nowhere
asked Feb 26, 2018 in General Discussion by WafflesFrom N. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Did you set up your settings in Unity to correctly link to the Wwise project?  If you did then you can generate the sound banks from unity within the WwisePicker.
answered Apr 10, 2018 by Kaan (260 points)