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batch ConvertAllPlatform -- can't be done? requires Gui and not CLI?

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I'm trying to automate our asset processes and need to have WWise running in CLI mode  ("WwiseCLI.exe -waapi").  Everything's working out ok except  for the per-platform conversion step.  I can use the  ConvertAllPlatform command in the AuthoringAPI but ONLY if  I've launched the GUI.  It refuses the command when I used the WwiseCLI.exe -waapi.  I guess it's not surprising, considering the command is 'ak_wwise_ui_commands_execute' .  Is there another non-UI way to trigger the platform conversions???

asked Mar 5, 2018 in General Discussion by Peter L. (230 points)

1 Answer

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Try this flag with an instance of WwiseCLI.exe rather than using the authoring api:

  • -ConvertExternalSources: External Sources conversion. While External Sources is also triggered by -GenerateSoundBanks, -ConvertExternalSources can be used to process sources not contained in the Wwise Project. This operation has two optional parameters: the platform and a path to a WSOURCES file. Providing a platform will generate only that platform. Providing a WSOURCE file will override the External Source Input file paths in the Project Settings, for the given platform (or all if no platform is specified). This operation is not compatible with the -Save option. Examples:
    • -ConvertExternalSources: Converts all platforms, with the source lists provided in the Project Settings
    • -ConvertExternalSources Windows: Converts only the sources for the Windows platform
    • -ConvertExternalSources Windows -ConvertExternalSources XBoxOne :Converts only Windows & XBox One
    • -ConvertExternalSources MySources.wsources :Convert list specified, on all platforms
    • -ConvertExternalSources Windows MySources.wsources :Converts all files on Windows and uses the file list specified
answered Mar 26, 2018 by Dan M. (380 points)