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Serious Issues with Sound Bank Generation and UE4

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I have done extensive searching into the issue and can find no help so its time I ask. I have a severe issue with my unreal project where I can generate my sound banks but any new events that i create simply wont trigger sounds within unreal. All older events seem to work fine, its just the new ones i create. Always with the error "LogAkAudio: Error: Event ID not found: ID#." After a ton of messing around with it I have determined some things that may help track the issue. When remote connected I cannot play the sound by pressing play in Wwise with the error "LogAkAudio: Error: Selected Media Not Available." If I then generate sound banks within Wwise, I can now press play and have the event play in Wwise. But, attempting to call the event from UE4 content browser still gives the error "LogAkAudio: Error: Event ID not found: ID#." Another odd thing is that in UE4 I can play the event from the Wwapi picker window but as soon as I move the event into my content browser it gives me the event not found. Whenever generating sound banks I do have some basic errors but no fatal errors. All of them have to do with that I work using perforce as source control and am missing some of the sound files that my partners are working on. Nothing about missing any of the sounds I am currently integrating.

So some of the common solutions to this I have checked and double checked and triple checked.

  • Make sure the name or ID is correctly written in the game code. ----- 100% exactly the same

  • Ensure the Event is in a bank and that the bank is loaded  ------ there is only one sound bank and I have triple checked that the events are in there as well as have force manually added them just to make sure.

  • Make sure the banks are up to date. ------ I have generated the sound banks from both wwise and unreal hundreds of times trying to fix this. I have also pathed my wwise generation to Content/WwiseAudio/Windows to force overwrite the ue4 generation which has worked once but not consistently.

For those wondering what my missing files errors look like in case it is related.

Error   10  The original file is missing: Laughter 1.wav    Windows
Error   10  The original file is missing: Laughter 2.wav    Windows
Error   10  The original file is missing: Laughter 3.wav    Windows
Error   10  The original file is missing: Laughter 4.wav    Windows
Error   10  The original file is missing: Laughter 5.wav    Windows
Error   10  The original file is missing: Laughter Wait.wav Windows
Error   10  The original file is missing: My Name Is Evil Gary.wav  Windows
Error   10  The original file is missing: Nightmare Rant.wav    Windows
LogAk: Error   16  The SoundBank 'WwiseSoundbank' is missing files.    Windows WwiseSoundbank
[SoundBank Log Info] Name: WwiseSoundbank Platform: Windows | Language: SFX  | Created:Up to date | Status: Error: Missing Files
Process completed with errors(s).
LogAk: Error: Wwise command-line failed with error 1.


Another odd side note about how its misbehaving is I also cant see attenuation radius on my akambiantsound actors in game. This could be simply another issue that is unrelated.

Any help would be appreciated I am completely stumped.

asked Mar 7 in General Discussion by Nate G. (100 points)

1 Answer

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There is an additional manual step to associate your Audiokinetic Event to the AudioBank in UE4.  Double click on the Event and you'll get a Required Bank field which will default to None.  Find your Audiobank in the Content Browser, and drag and drop it onto this field.

Hope this is helpful.
answered Mar 23 by Peter A. (150 points)