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about the limited commercial license . [closed]

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when I generate the sound bank , the log windows comes up some message like "Limited Commercial license: SoundBanks contain 13 media item(s) out of the 200 permitted." , But I only import 13 wav file and create 4 event in the some bank .

I check the online Q&A, it says that the limited license could import 200 sound files. Could I ignore this message at this monent ?

And Does the limitation of 200 sound file only include the original sound files not include the events ?


closed with the note: resolved.
asked Aug 11, 2014 in General Discussion by Leo H. (160 points)
closed Sep 18, 2014 by Leo H.

1 Answer

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That message is always displayed just as a point of reference. The sounds counted only includes sounds that are actually assigned to banks. If you have 2,000 sounds in your project, but only 150 of them are actually in a bank, you can still build the banks.
answered Aug 11, 2014 by Richard Goulet (5,700 points)
selected Aug 11, 2014 by Leo H.
thanks a lot.