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Documentation: Valid AkGameObjectID range

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What is the valid range of values that an AkGameObjectID can have in Wwise SDK 2017.X.X?

In the Migration Notes it mentions that AkGameObjectID is now a 64-bit unsigned on all platforms, and that it can range from 0 to 0x‭FFFFFFFFFFFFFFDF‬ (-33).  See here ("The valid game object ID range has changed"):

In the Integration Details for Game Objects, however, it seems to tell a different story.  It says AkGameObjectID is an unsigned 32-bit integer and that you can use any ID that is not 0x00000000, 0x00000001 or 0xFFFFFFFF (-1).  See here:

This is probably just a case of documentation that wasn't updated.  I assume that the Migration Notes for 2017 takes precedent since AkGameObjectID is an AkUInt64 in the SDK, but I couldn't find any other values in the SDK that defines the valid/invalid ID range.  Should we enforce this ID range in our engine code?


asked Mar 12 in General Discussion by Eric P. (100 points)

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