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Unity - Couldn't locate WWiseCLI, unable to generate soundbanks

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I am using WWise 2017.2.2.6553 and Unity 2017.3.1p3

I recently reintegrated my WWise project into my Uniity project (a windows and mac game), and now whenever I go to build (not run, but actually build), I get the following errors on both Mac and Windows machines:

Couldn't locate WwiseCLI, unable to generate SoundBanks.
AkUtilities:GenerateSoundbanks(List`1) (at Assets/Wwise/Deployment/API/Handwritten/AkUtilities.cs:193)
AkBuildPreprocessor:CopySoundbanks(Boolean, String, String&) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:87)
AkBuildPreprocessor:OnPreprocessBuildInternal(BuildTarget, String) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:128)
AkBuildPreprocessor:OnPreprocessBuild(BuildTarget, String) (at Assets/Wwise/Editor/WwiseSetupWizard/AkBuildPreprocessor.cs:161)

Error building Player: Couldn't locate WwiseCLI, unable to generate SoundBanks.



Build completed with a result of 'Failed'

UnityEditor.BuildPlayerWindow+BuildMethodException: 2 errors
  at UnityEditor.BuildPlayerWindow+DefaultBuildMethods.BuildPlayer (UnityEditor.BuildPlayerOptions options) [0x0020e] in /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/BuildPlayerWindowBuildMethods.cs:181 
  at UnityEditor.BuildPlayerWindow.CallBuildMethods (System.Boolean askForBuildLocation, UnityEditor.BuildOptions defaultBuildOptions) [0x00065] in /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/BuildPlayerWindowBuildMethods.cs:88 



We are using Unity Collaborate as our source control. So the WWise Project is within the Assets Folder of the unity project. The soundbanks are both here under 'GeneratedSoundbanks' and also manually copied into StreamingAssets/Audio/GeneratedSoundbanks.

The only computer there are no build errors with is the Windows machine from which I originally re-integrated this WWise project into Unity. On it, WWIse is installed on my B: drive rather than C: (not sure if this has any impact).

Any help at all appreciated!

asked Mar 28, 2018 in General Discussion by Vicky P. (120 points)

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