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Build soundbanks window opens behind main window then freezes all other windows

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I'm using Wwise on Mac, so its running within a Wine shell with limited control over the individual windows. Recently, Wwise started opening the build soundbanks window behind the main window. This softlocks the program because there's no way to move that window to the front within the Wine shell while the main window is frozen waiting for the other window to close. I can check that my soundbanks have built without errors by clicking Show All Windows on the app icon, then all I can do is close the Wine shell from the same app icon context menu, at which point Wwise asks if I want to save before quitting, thank god. As I see it, either the build soundbank popup needs to always be at the front of the Wine shell, or the other Wwise windows need to not completely freeze during that popup so that if something like this happens it can never actually softlock in this manner.
asked Apr 3, 2018 in Feature Requests by Jakey M. (100 points)

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