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How to troubleshoot "WwiseUnity: SoundBanks generation error" with no other info?

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I'm trying to update the soundbank in my Unity project, but I'm getting "WwiseUnity: SoundBank generation error" with no other context—the console doesn't say anything after that. Clicking on the error just takes me to a "Debug.LogError(message)" line in AkUtilities.cs, which doesn't really tell me anything. Any idea where I should be looking?
asked Apr 10, 2018 in General Discussion by Joe M. (120 points)

1 Answer

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Are you sure that the files/folder is not read only?


you need to have write access to both the spot in unity where the banks are generated, as well as inside the wwise project folder "generated soundbanks"
answered Apr 10, 2018 by Kaan (260 points)
Yes, I have write permission. The soundbanks generate successfully from wwise, but not from Unity. Still, the unity project is using the old soundbanks