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how can I get the languages from a sound in Authoring API?

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I can't seem to construct a query that gets me the language from the object below:

I tried:

get_rqst = {
... 'uri': WAAPI_URI.ak_wwise_core_object_get,
... 'options': { "return": ['name', "@Language"] },
... 'args': {... "from": { "id": [ '{FC03083F-2AE9-4308-84DD-F18E0B364556}'] } } }

     and all I get is the name.


                        <Sound Name="vo_s3_sun_hub_316a_sheila" ID="{8F1B2394-B5E2-489C-A226-0AB0549B58AB}" ShortID="640906956">
                                <AudioFileSource Name="vo_s3_sun_hub_316a_sheila" ID="{FC03083F-2AE9-4308-84DD-F18E0B364556}" ShortID="565389554">
asked Apr 10, 2018 in General Discussion by Peter L. (130 points)

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