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Wwise-251 (Wwise Adventure Game) SoundBanks are missing files [closed]

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Hi, I've just started my journey to Wwise-251. Totally excited for the new Unity-Wwise integration sample! Yoo hoo! 

I ran into some problems today following Lesson 1 and it would be great if I can hear your thoughts about this. 

After generating SoundBanks for the first time, I saw lots and lots of red errors saying 'The Original File is Missing' and 'The SoundBank ___ is missing files'. So I soon realized that course materials (Lesson 1 - Lesson 7) do not actually have Originals folder. Accordingly, Wwise displays all of the SoundBanks' size is 0. If I can't see the size of SoundBanks, I'm afraid I can't learn how much memory size has been optimized. 

The lesson says "You’re now only including the most essential audio assets, and so have reduced the runtime memory usage from 15,035 KB (the size of the All_In_One SoundBank) to 928 KB (the size of the TitleScreen SoundBank)." but I'm not feeling it. :'( 

Am I missing something here or is it supposed to happen? Should I skip this part and move on first? 


----------------------> Actually I solved the problem right after asking this question. I had unzipped the course materials in Documents folder. Turned out the course material should be unzipped in C://Program Files (x86)/Audiokinetic/Wwise Adventure Game (Wwise version)/Wwise-251. Well, this is embarrassing! :P

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asked Apr 18, 2018 in General Discussion by Narie J. (560 points)
closed Apr 20, 2018 by Narie J.