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project WaapiCS out of work

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I want to build WaapiCS for test,but it throw a System.AggregateException on channel.Open().Wait() in Main() function.

How can I fix it?

Both on windows and mac platform have this problem. I test waapi of python,it's ok.
asked Apr 23, 2018 in Feature Requests by yu j. (280 points)
Can you post InnerExceptions of your AggregateException ?

1 Answer

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  • Click Project > User Preferences, from the main Wwise menu.
  • Add  ws:// to the Allowed Origins field.
  • Click OK
  • Restart Wwise.

Instructions are available in the C# sample documentation:

answered Apr 25, 2018 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (35,410 points)
It's happened too
Thanks for your replay.but the problem still exist.
I test python,js,c# of waapi
with same settings ,python and js are ok,only c# has this problem.