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What is the best strategy to bring proprietary binaural spatializer/panner to Unity/Unreal/Wwise?

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Hello I am a DSP consultant/developer and I have a binaural "panner" that I want to integrate with as many platforms as possible.  So I first developed a Unity native audio plugin. Unity defines a simple "spatializer" plugin type for which per-instance source/listener data are sent to the plugin - perfect to config my dsp binaural panning algorithm.

So next I want to try out Unreal and, after looking around at Unreal sample projects etc I guess I can sort of replicate the Unity scenario i.e. I can develop an audio effect plugin and figure some way to make it easy to script with game objects' position data...

Now I'm looking at Wwise and I see that I could possibly do a Wwise  plugin instead - and maybe get Unity & Unreal integration for free!  As far as I can tell I could implement my dsp algo in and use a Parameter Node or something like that to capture my sound objects' xyz position data which my dsp needs.

To the questions:

1:  Can I implement a single Wwise plugin that I could use to implement my dsp and, if so, how can I manage the per-instance source/listener geometric data bit?

2: Given that I already have a Unity native audio (spatializer) plugin, can I "import" this into Wwise or otherwise use it within Wwise

3: Should I go ahead and implement a native Unreal plugin and, if so, any guides on requirements so it integrates with Wwise


Thanks!  Just trying to get a heads up on best place to start looking.
asked May 8, 2018 in General Discussion by Culann m. (110 points)

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