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How do I scale Wwise Attenuation against Unreal 3 units - uu

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I have been working in Unreal 3 and we recently switched to Wwise as our audio engine. I am transfering alot of audio over to Wwise, and trying to understand the attenuation editor. if I am using a 256 Min Distance and a 2500 Max Distance in terms of Unreal units, how do I convert that over to the attenuation editor in Wwise? The attenuation area in Wwise is 0 - 100. I am not sure how to work with that.
asked Aug 20, 2014 in General Discussion by Tom T. (190 points)

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You can re-size your maximum distance for each curve in the attenuation editor.  So if you have a sound that in ue4 had a max distance of 2500, you can set your Wwise distance curve to have a max of 2500 as well.

Unreal units appear to be CM now, so keep that in mind when desiging attenuation curves. I designed all of my Wwise distances in meters, then realized UE4 uses cm, so I had to multiply all of my distances by 100.
answered Aug 21, 2014 by Richard Goulet (5,740 points)
selected Jun 3, 2020 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic)
Hi guys,
Just to be clear, Wwise uses whatever distance unit the game is using. Could be centimeters, meters, feet, light years, etc.
Thanks Simon, I might not have have been clear enough with my post.  In the case of UE4 though, distances are measured in centimeters.
I am now able to audition my attenuation curve at the Sound Object level and see its radius in Unreal, but I am not hearing it when applied at the random container level. Any idea what would cause that?
Are you able to audition the distance attenuation when applied to the random container? Or is it only not working in UE4? Also- are you allowing the sound object to inherit (no override parent) the random container's distance curve?
I just cant hear Attenuation (Sharesets or Unique) on the containers or the actor mixers. I am just going to finish the attenuation's using shareset's at the sound object level.