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Unreal cannot generate Soundbanks

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Hi everybody,

I have followed all the steps explained in this video:

With the WwiseDemoGame there's no problem at all. Unreal generates the soundbanks I created in Wwise and I can play them in the game.

The problem comes with another different project (whether it is a session I create, a session imported from the Epic Launcher). I follow the same steps but Unreal cannot load the soundbanks. The output log says:

LogAk: Error: Failed to run Wwise command-line: E:\Audiokinetic\Authoring\Win32\Release\bin\WwiseCLI.exe "E:/Unreal Projects/Test_Integration/Test_Integration_WwiseProject/Test_Integration_WwiseProject.wproj" -GenerateSoundBanks -Bank Main_SoundBank -ImportDefinitionFile "E:/Unreal Projects/Test_Integration/TempDefinitionFile.txt" -Platform Android -SoundBa

nkPath Android "E:\Unreal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAudio\Android" -Platform IOS -SoundBankPath IOS "E:\Unreal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAudio\IOS" -Platform Linux -SoundBankPath Linux "E:\Unreal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAudio\Linux" -Platform Mac -SoundBankPath Mac "E:\Unreal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAud

io\Mac" -Platform PS4 -SoundBankPath PS4 "E:\Unreal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAudio\PS4" -Platform Windows -SoundBankPath Windows "E:\Unreal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAudio\Windows" -Platform XboxOne -SoundBankPath XboxOne "E:\Unreal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAudio\XboxOne" -Platform Switch -SoundBankPath Switch "E:\Unr

eal Projects\Test_Integration\Content\WwiseAudio\Switch"


Any idead what's going on?


Thanks a lot.

asked May 24, 2018 in General Discussion by Pablo V. (100 points)

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