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Problem with SoundBanks UE4

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Hi all, i have been having trouble with loading the soundbank in ue4 once i have created it within Wwise. At the moment it gives me this error, which i am unsure of how to fix. The Wwise project was integrated properly, and gave no errors.

Any Help with this is appreciated


LogAk: *** Loading Project ***
*** Importing SoundBank definition ***
Error: File missing or invalid:D:\Unreal Projects\BluePrintsFor3D\TempDefinitionFile.txt
Error: Stopping the process on error ( specify -ContinueOnError in the command line to continue on error )
Process completed successfully.
LogAk: Error: Wwise command-line failed with error 1.
asked May 25, 2018 in General Discussion by Chris W. (120 points)

1 Answer

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The Wwise Picker needs to be used in UE4 (Window > Wwise) which will contain your Wwise events (if allocated within Wwise)

From within this Wwise picker, drag and drop the Wwise events into the UE4 content browser, then these events must be assigned to an Audiokinetic bank by double clicking on the event and assigning them to said bank (note this bank must be named exactly the same as it is in Wwise).

Hope this helps.

answered Jul 4, 2018 by Christopher F. (220 points)