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Disabling the Wwise Recorder Effect mutes the bus

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We have a Wwise set up that involves an Ambisonic 3D bus combined with a Stereo 2D bus for VR (in the vein of Facebook's Two Big Ears format). We're planning to distribute our production as both an executable and a 360 video. For the 360 video we are able to record ambisonic and stereo tracks by attaching the Wwise Recorder Effect to the 3D and 2D buses respectively. However, we would like to be able to disable these effects for the executable version without losing their settings. Bypassing the Wwise Recorder Effect on the 2D bus causes that bus to go mute. Removing the effect causes no issue, but again, we'd rather not remove the effect if we can avoid it. Is this a bug?
asked Jun 7, 2018 in General Discussion by Breaking Fourth (100 points)

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