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Aux Bus doesn't import to UE4

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Hi. I did aux bus in Master-Mixer Hierarchy > Default Work Unit > Master Audio Bus > Reverb_Aux. I've set Wwise RoomVerb>Huge Spaces>Space Garage, at positioning set to 3d and created new attenuation. I added it to Soundbank, Generated it and saved Wwise Project.
In UE4 I generated soundbank, added Ak Reverb Volume to scene and at Late ReverbAux>Aux Bus there is nothing to choose. I can only create new Audiokinetic Aux Bus.
I tried several generating soundbank, refreshing all soundbanks, turning off and on wwise and ue4 but nothing seems to solve a problem.
I use UE4.19.2 Wwise 2017.2.5.6619. Windows 10.
asked Jun 9, 2018 in General Discussion by Maciej A. (100 points)

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