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Not understanding the atteunatuion curve in this picture

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I am creating a ShareSet attenuation for Weapons, and even though I have a really large Max Distance set I can barely hear anything where the audition point is in this picture below. Its a very loud sound at a distance audition of 0, but barely audible where it is in the pic. Seems like it should still be pretty loud to me. Any thoughts?
asked Aug 22, 2014 in General Discussion by Tom T. (190 points)
I just noticed that the sound of the default 1 - 100 distance doesn't change (in terms of volume) when I change the max distance to 1000. Auditioning at around 75 distance is the same no matter how much I increase the Mas Distance. What todes the scale to the left of the attenuation show? Because I can barely hear anything at - 0.5%.

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Hi Tom, 

I'm assuming in this answer that you hear your sound attenuation as expected in Wwise, but not in Unreal only. Couple of things to look at for troubleshooting this:

  1. SoundBanks: Have you've generated your SB and are you sure that the game are loading them?  
  2. Game Object: Are you sure that the event triggering this sound is triggered from the right Game Object? If the event was triggered from the 'global game object', the sound would be emitted from the game's origin (0, 0, 0), which could be far away and that would explain why you don't hear it. 

To give you a better idea of what's happening, make sure you connect Wwise to the game and start a profiling capture. You'll find plenty of info there to assist you in your troubleshooting session.  

Hope this helps,


answered Aug 22, 2014 by Simon A. (Audiokinetic) (3,570 points)
The In game attenuation is behaving the same as the Wwise attenuation curve, so its working.However, no matter what I do to the attenuation curve in the Wwise editor, I can only audition up to a distance of 100. The volume is cut off after that regardless of the max distance I set it to. Is there a reason that you can see from the picture, why sound would be completely off where I have the audition tab set?
I think I figured it out, I was using a ShareSet attenuation but I didn't have "Use ShareSet" selected in the 3D box under "Mode".