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101 tutorial questions: Why doesn't profiler see game syncs from Cube before we name them in Wwise?

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I'm doing the 101 tutorial.  In Lesson 1: Profiling the game, we look in the profiler and we can see the "Failed Posting Event:Fire_shotgun_Player" and we can see that it's missing in Wwise.  We go through and we add it in Wwise.  That all makes sense.  


In lesson 3, I noticed that when I use the profiler BEFORE I created the game syncs (switches and parameters, etc) that those names do NOT show up in the profiler-just a bunch of blank errors that I assume are those syncs.  Once I go through the lesson and create the syncs and generate the soundbank, then those syncs DO show up in the list.  


My question is how would I as a sound designer see those names in advance if I did not know what they were called?  Is there some way to view them in the same way we did in lesson 1?  Thanks!
asked Jul 3, 2018 in General Discussion by Joel L. (110 points)

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