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101 tutorial questions: Why doesn't profiler see game syncs from Cube before we name them in Wwise?

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I'm doing the 101 tutorial.  In Lesson 1: Profiling the game, we look in the profiler and we can see the "Failed Posting Event:Fire_shotgun_Player" and we can see that it's missing in Wwise.  We go through and we add it in Wwise.  That all makes sense.  


In lesson 3, I noticed that when I use the profiler BEFORE I created the game syncs (switches and parameters, etc) that those names do NOT show up in the profiler-just a bunch of blank errors that I assume are those syncs.  Once I go through the lesson and create the syncs and generate the soundbank, then those syncs DO show up in the list.  


My question is how would I as a sound designer see those names in advance if I did not know what they were called?  Is there some way to view them in the same way we did in lesson 1?  Thanks!
asked Jul 3 in General Discussion by Joel L. (110 points)

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