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Playing AKEvents in the UE4 editor content browser stops working after PIE session in VR

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I'm working on a VR project in UE4.

Normally playing AKEvents from the UE4 content browser works, but after playing a level in PIE in VR sometimes playing goes silent.

I'm also seeing this in some simple C++ code that plays in the UE4, I tried something simple:

Result = AKDevice->PostEventAtLocation(Event->GetName(), FVector::ZeroVector,FRotator::ZeroRotator, GWorld);

and Result is not AK_INVALID_PLAYING_ID, it's just that when I first launch the UE4 editor I hear the sound, and that after I've played a level in VR I don't hear the sound.

There is a single member in the AKDevice's defaultListeners set and it seems valid.


Does anyone have any idea what is going on, or what I can do to work round the issue?


asked Jul 11, 2018 in General Discussion by Thomas B. (100 points)

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