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3D positioning only works on one channel, no attenuation

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Using Wwise 2017.2.2 with Unity 2017.3. Hitting a few weird issues with positioning I've never run into before:

For one thing, there's no attenuation. I've checked and re-checked my Wwise project to make sure that the sound is 3D positioned and has an attenuation curve. No matter how far I get from the source, nothing changes.

The other peculiar thing is that stereo 3D positioning only works on one side at a time. For example, if I have the object completely on my left side, and trigger the sound, it will sound like it's on my left. BUT if I have the object completely on my right side, the sound will play centered. which side it plays on is inconsistent; some objects are always right, some are always left.


edit: I've noticed that if I set the max distance on the attenuation to 10 or less I can get attenuation AND 3D positioning to work properly. I'd really love to not have to do that though
asked Jul 11, 2018 in General Discussion by Joe M. (150 points)

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