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Identify a Game Event ID without reaching the developers

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Hi community!

I'm currently finishing the 101 course so as you can imagine I'm absolutely new to all things WWise. Practicing with the Cube build I tried to add personal sounds to objects like the armor or the health kit. I went through the process of capturing the game events through the Profiler but the message I get when running over those items is simply "Event ID not found". As far as I could read around the only way to know a game event's name is asking the programmer or looking inside the code. Basically you must know exactly how the event is called to associate a sound or action to it. Is that so?

To sum up, my question would be: is it currently possible to know a Game Event name using only WWise?

Thanks a lot!
asked Jul 16, 2018 in Feature Requests by Bruno B. (160 points)

1 Answer

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"Event ID not found" usually means Wwise has had an event name called via the game engine, but cannot find the named event in Wwise.

A few things to do when errors arise:

For the content you modified, did you modify the name of the sound event associated with the hierarchy of your new audio asset content?

Try running a Wwise integrity report, this may highlight an error associated with the content
(A bit of help can be found here:

Have you checked the Sound Banks to see if the events are listed?
e.g. Event UI Pickup names related to content you mentioned:

Also, not sure if you have done this or not, always double check you have Generated your sound banks after any updates you may add.

The sound bank generation may complete but with errors if certain data is incorrect.

Hope the above helps diagnose the error with more details to aid progression.
answered Sep 10, 2018 by Graham S. (570 points)