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Integrating Wwise in Unity without the Wwise project

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I need to integrate Wwise in a Unity project.
I don't want share the Wwise project itself because the sound design is done in one location and there's no reason to share the (big) Wwise project through the whole team, which is spread around the world.
I want to be able to build the game and target multiple mobile platforms but the build are done on Jenkins node in which I'd like not to install and maintain Wwise Authoring Software.

My understanding of the situation is that I should generate the soundbanks for all the target platforms in a target folder that I could add to the Unity project, and make a custom pre/post build process script to add the files to StreamingAssets.

That being said, the Wwise integration seems to work hand-in-hand with the Wwise project and it looks very inefficient to work without this link.

  • The Wwise Picker doesn't seem to work without it
  • So there's no intuitive way to load soundbanks like AkBankLoader does
  • etc.
Is there a standard way to work with the Generated Soundbank instead of the Wwise project?
asked Aug 7, 2018 in General Discussion by Antoine A. (110 points)
I've got the same question.

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