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How to pass FOnAkPostEventCallback struct in UE4 Wwise

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I have recently updated to the latest Wwise and Unreal Engine versions. What I noticed is that my "PostEvent" functions were now throwing errors, because they no longer require two parameters. One of the new parameters is a reference to a struct of type "FOnAkPostEventCallback", for which visual studio says that the declaration is undefined. So what exactly am I supposed to pass into this function? Would highly appreciate a descriptive response!
asked Aug 9, 2018 in General Discussion by Marc B. (130 points)
Ditto. Please advise. In addition, please implement a deprecation/change strategy for the Ak UE4 plugin code.

PostAkEvent() is a UFunction, and deprecation metadata can be added to the UFUNCTION attribute. Perhaps with a deprecation message like, 'PostAkEventDEPRECATED() will be removed in Wwise [major.minor]. Please convert caller to use the updated PostAkEvent().', etc.

Due to limitations with UHT, we can't have UFUNCTION overloads, so perhaps AkComponent::PostAkEvent(...) could have been copied to a PostAkEventDEPRECATED(...), so that callers would at least have a way to unblock in the short term.


FWIW: On the Unity side, they respect System.ObsoleteAttribute.

- thanks
I would also like to know this. Please could we get an official response for how to do this in C++.

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Marc B., look at AkComponent.cpp for a workaround...

if you need to call a Blueprint function, you can use PostAkEventByName(), which calls PostAkEventByNameWithCallback() with the appropriate default/null args...
int32 UAkComponent::PostAkEventByName(const FString& in_EventName)

From cpp, you can call PostAkEventByNameWithCallback directly with the default/null args specified here in comments, if you want...
AkPlayingID UAkComponent::PostAkEventByNameWithCallback(const FString& in_EventName, AkUInt32 in_uFlags /*= 0*/, AkCallbackFunc in_pfnUserCallback /*= NULL*/, void * in_pUserCookie /*= NULL*/)

Whatever works for you. All roads eventually lead to AudioDevice->PostEvent().

- cheers

answered Aug 10, 2018 by Paul B. (180 points)