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UE4 C++ project must restart to use Wwise

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Now I have integrated Wwise into my UE4 project, which is using C++. I've added "AkAudio" to PublicDependencyModuleNames in my build.cs file, and the project can be built normally.  At first I've been using Wwise normally, but every time after I rebuild my C++ project, Wwise will not work until I restart the UE4 editor. The log says "LogAkAudio: Error: Unknown listener game object ID. Make sure the game object is registered before using it and do not use it once it was unregistered." when I enter my level after rebuilding. I tried to recompile some of my blueprints, but after that Wwise could go on working as usual. What's more, every time I restart my UE4 editor after rebuilding my project, it displays that the module "UE4Editor-AudiokineticTools.dll" is missing or built with a different engine version and needs to be rebuilt.

What can I do?

I'm using UE 4.19.2, Visual Studio 2017, Wwise 2018.1.0.6714 and Wwise Integration 2018.1.0.6714.1065

Thanks a lot.

asked Aug 10, 2018 in General Discussion by ltndkl A. (100 points)
Having the same issues.
Using live coding can resolve that, but it also brings other problems like you can't add new C++ classes while using live coding.

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