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AkEventPlayable with incorrect duration of 0 in Unity Asset Bundle

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I'm seeing an issue where AkEventPlayable min and max duration values are reset in the OnValidate call.  Normally this is working as intended, it reads the soundbank info xml and sets the values properly.

An issue I'm running into is that this does not seem to mark assets dirty in a way that Unity requires.  When building a Timeline with an AkEventTrack and AkEventPlayables, updated durations do not cause updated asset hashes for these files prefabs holding the Timeline.  AssetBundles will not be rebuilt properly and even when they are forced to rebuild, they have the same asset bundle hash and appear unchanged (although the files are indeed updated).  I noticed this because some of my playables are stuck at 0 duration and will not play. (presumably because they were originally built with an out of date soundbanks xml).

The version of Unity is was tested on is 2018.1.0f2.

tl;dr AkEventPlayables duration updates are not being saved properly.

Have others seen this?  Does anyone have a workaround or some advice?
asked Sep 24, 2018 in General Discussion by John D. (110 points)

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