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Events not able to be posted on UE4 actor's EndPlay

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It looks like a recent version of the UE4 plugin code has made it so calling PostEvent on an actor where IsActorBeingDestroyed() returns true fails to post the event. This workflow worked in previous versions of the plugin, and has caused a lot of performance problems in our event workflow due to game objects not properly being cleaned up in WWise now due to the stop events not being posted. It seems like a common pattern to start a looping sound on BeginPlay and subsequently call a stop event on EndPlay. The inability to post events during destruction would require us to create an entire pre-destruction code path to call solely for audio events.

Is there a good reason for this behavior? As I said, we were doing it before and did not notice and side effects. But perhaps something changed in WWise to warrant this? But on the off chance this was just an over zealous engineer trying to be safe, I'd really like to see it reverted as it creates a lot of seemingly unnecessary work for users of the plugin with what feels like a common event workflow.
asked Sep 25, 2018 in General Discussion by Matt F. (110 points)

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