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wWise stores explicit paths in defaultgame.ini which is shared by all, how do you break that out?

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Currently while working with source control, the wWise plugin stores the path to the SDK in the defaultgame.ini, this file is shared by all, and needs to be modified on occasion for all as things change, but it appears that the path may only be needed for the people working in audio, is there a way to move this into a separate file that can be unique on each machine?

asked Oct 19, 2018 in General Discussion by Dion B. (140 points)

We need some solution for this.

1 Answer

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I think we're going to create separate .ini file for wwise settings, but for that, we need to change integration code which is not good at all.
answered Jul 27, 2020 by ilya n. (220 points)