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Unity keeps getting stuck on "Populating Wwise Picker"

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Hey folks,

So I've seen others with this issue, but none of the fixes I've come across have helped much.

The problem is that whenever I open our Unity project, a pop-up appears saying "Populating Wwise Picker - Parsing Work Unit Default Work Unit", and it hangs indefinitely.

I'm the only audio guy on our team at this current stage, and it seems to only be affecting me, none of the developers, designers, artists, etc.

The only fix I've found that works is to "end task" when Unity gets stuck, completely remove the Wwise project folder from the Unity project folder, load Unity, then move the Wwise project folder back to the Unity project folder.

Unfortunately this only allows me to open the Unity project, and if I enter and exit play mode, Unity gets stuck on the same thing again.

The issue occurs even if I haven't made any changes to the Wwise project or Unity project.

If anybody has a possible solution, please provide step-by-step details because I am pretty useless when it comes to Unity, and I'm still fairly new with Wwise. It took quite a bit for me to decode some of the terminology being used in the other fixes :P

Thank you!


Other info:

I'm on Windows 10, 64bit.

I'm using the LTS stream of Unity (currently on Unity version 2017.4.9f1).

I'm usinig Wwise 2018.1.2.6762.

I'm using Wwise/Unity integration version 2018.1.2.6762.1211.

This is happening consistently, every time I open Unity.

Sometimes Unity gets stuck on "Importing small assets", which also requires the same fix, but that's maybe 1 in every 20 times.

The other fix I've found (that doesn't work for me) is to delete the AkWwiseProjectData.asset file and reload Unity (or just re-generate the file in some way), but as I said this unfortunately doesn't make any difference.

I've seen some recent discussion about this issue on the Facebook group Wwise Wwitches and Wwizards, which is where I found the two fixes I mentioned, so it seems like other people are experiencing this as well.
asked Oct 23, 2018 in General Discussion by Chris E. (230 points)
Same issue here. Wwise integration was working fine until we tried to merge branches in Git, so that other members would have it integrated as well. While this should not have changed any of my local Wwise files, Unity needed to parse through it's data upon launching, and it got hangs at "Populating Wwise Picker - Parsing Work Unit Default Work Unit."
Hey man, fortunately for my team the problem disappeared after about 5 days. Haven't updated Wwise or Unity, so it must have been an issue with the source control side of things. Wish I could offer some more advice to you but in the meantime make sure you try those two solutions I included in my post. Good luck!
I had this issue on Wwise 2018.1.3 and Unity 2018.2.1f1 as well. Updating to Wwise 2018.1.4 and updating integration to 2018.1.4 as well fixed the issue for me.

Alternately, the disabling of AkWwisePicker.OnEnable() method works as well. You can enable again once Unity has loaded the project.

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There's a workaround suggested in another thread which worked for our project and team.

So to reiterate: Comment out the entire method AkWwisePicker.OnEnable() - I'm not sure what this breaks and how bad that is, but it allows you to boot up Unity again, and the "Populating Wwise Picker" progress bar will still work in other situations once you're already loaded up into Unity Editor.

It's all kinda murky 'cause the whole system that the Wwise Integration is running to migrate from an old way to reference Wwise project structures (Events, SoundBanks, etc.) in Unity to a newer way to reference the same things. I understand why they're doing that (the newer way should be less susceptible to how some earlier Wwise Integrations kept losing references in Unity Components/Scenes/Prefabs, also the new way should be able to handle something like if you rename an Event in Wwise project and regenerate the SoundBanks without breaking references in Unityh). What I absolutely do not understand is what the migration process is that is being done while upgrading the Wwise Integration from Wwise Launcher. I don't know what it is when Wwise keeps doing that thing automatically to "Populating Wwise Project"

a) why those processes need to be undocumented and unexplained
b) why they are automated and not run manually via Wwise Picker button like "Refresh Project" or via a MenuItem like the one you open Wwise Picker from, like they could have "Window/Wwise/Migrate GUIDs in Scene to ObjectReferences" and "Migrate GUIDs in Project to ObjectReferences" etc.

c) why do they repeat the process for the same Scene every time you open it? If the Scene was processed already and all Ak.Wwise type fields now have ObjectReferences instead of old per-object stored GUID values, why is the Scene always marked as dirty and changed and Debug.Log messages created every time for objects that were migrated? Why isn't the upgrade migration done during the Wwise Launcher "Upgrade Wwise Integration in Project" not enough?

I strongly feel that this process needs to be explained better, should have options to turn it off, should not mark Scenes dirty if nothing was changed (everything was migrated already previously), etc.
answered Nov 8, 2018 by Kimmo K. (400 points)
The next Wwise integration 2018.1.4 release notes mention fixing lock-up during Unity loading, so it *might* be fixed. Hasn't occurred to our team after upgrading, although the integration still keeps editing every Scene every time they are opened (does the migration for every Wwise object in Scene over and over). But atleast no hangups/freezes/lockups of Editor bootup.
We are using 2018.1.5 and dont have the hangups but we do have the "Migrating Wwise objects in current scene" every time we stop play in the editor even after saving the scene. Very annoying. I wonder what's the impact of disabling this in the wwise code?