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Midi manipulation in Wwise

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Hello! I'm trying to make a sort of rhythm experience using Wwise and Unity, and we're gonna be using a lot of midi files.

I received a midi file with the song that we want to use for our scene. This song has 12 instrument parts. When opened in other programs, like Reaper or MuseScore, the midi file automatically opens up the instruments it wants in different tracks.

However, when importing midi into Wwise, Wwise just takes the midi file as one big piece, and it seems as if it can't tell that it's supposed to have 12 different parts.

Is there some sort of work around for this within wise? Should I partition the track and upload 12 separate midi files?

I've seen some workarounds by attaching my DAW of choice to Wwise using a third party software, however I worry that the tracks would not be saved onto the Unity project as the instruments would come from the DAW. Is this correct?

Additionally, grabbing a hold of each SFX appropriate for each instrument piece is a bit tough. Is there a comprehensive guide for setting up Synth One to sound identical to the instruments that I need? Alternatively, is there a library of some sort where I can download a variety of instrument SFX for the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy?


These are a lot of inquiries! But I would really appreciate the help, I'm very new to Wwise!
asked Oct 24, 2018 in General Discussion by William B. (220 points)

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Hi William

Personally I would split up the file into 12 separate midi files (this can probably be automated from your DAW).
Midi functionality in Wwise is still pretty barebones, hopefully stuff like this will become easier in time.

Nuendo has an integration which may allow you to deal with some of this (I'm not sure), but for other DAWs all you can
do is route the live midi to Wwise's instruments, so you can hear you music with Wwise's sounds while composing.
You will still need to export you midi and import it into Wwise afterwards, same as above.

I haven't come across any presets for Synth One yet, not beyond the few ones included by default.
You can find some good general-purpose tutorials on synthesis however, which should
be perfectly applicable to Synth One. But again, Wwise's midi-capabilities are still limited.

Kind Regards
answered Oct 25, 2018 by Tobias D. Nielsen (2,450 points)