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Updating to new build causing clicks

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I started a project last night which was running fine on 2017.2.7.6661 .On booting this morning though, I opted to open in latest build 2018.1.2.6762

The project now clicks and pops when i play. It was fine last night. I had also mentioned this on another thread recently and its possible I did the same upgrade path. Anything i need to do other than accept the changes ?

All it is at the moment is a music segment with some random step tracks. All files are clean(no clicks) , correct tempos set up etc.Any idea what it could be please ?
asked Oct 31, 2018 in General Discussion by damon i. (890 points)

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Okay..... so found the issue. For some reason resetting all the audio buffer settings in AUDIO > AUDIO PREFERENCES seemed to kick it back into normality.
answered Nov 1, 2018 by damon i. (890 points)
selected Nov 1, 2018 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic)