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Unity Integration - Stop AkInitializer from destroying cross-scene copies in Edit mode

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There can only be one AkInitializer in any open Unity scene; AkInitializer's Awake() and AkWwiseSettingsWindow's OnGUI() methods both run in edit mode and destroy arbitrary AkInitializers until there is only one.

This behavior is acceptable at runtime because only one AkInitializer should exist when the game is running. However, it leads to unexpected behavior during multi-scene editing (introduced in 2005). If an artist simultaneously opens two Unity scenes that each contain one AkInitializer component (such as when copying an object from one to another or comparing objects in both scenes), one of the components will silently disappear, preventing audio playback in that scene even when it is loaded by itself.

Please modify this behavior so that AkInitializer deduplication either:

- only happens at runtime


- only happens within a single scene
asked Nov 1, 2018 in Feature Requests by Daniel C. (100 points)

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