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sound corruption on certain sounds after building on IOS or Windows

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- Several SFX were playing with corruption on iOS only (not on Android). These were non Looping sfx, that had a Wwise Matrix Reverb as their only effect. 



  • The Wwise version was 2018.1.1.6727
  •  Unity version was 2018.2.5f1
  • Converting the SFX to Vorbis or ADPCM did not resolve the issue.
  • Updating Wwise to 2018.1.2.6727 did seem to resolve the issue on iOS. 
  • However, later, we discovered that the issue was occurring with other SFX on a Windows Tablet.
  • The broken SFX on the Windows tablet was a Wwise Synth One generated sound, which was still corrupted when switching from the Wwise Synth One to a .wav file.
any ideas?
asked Nov 14, 2018 in General Discussion by Frima (100 points)

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