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Visual indication of which sound is playing in a random container

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So currently when a random container is selected and you hit the space bar, I believe there is no visual indication of which one of the multiple sounds is playing.

It would come in very handy if there could be some kind of visualization of that, maybe color change of the name or icon.

Please let me know if there already is a way to do this, and I hope you take this into consideration for future updates if there aren't any yet. Thanks a lot!
asked Nov 16, 2018 in Feature Requests by Hannah (110 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Hannah, there is currently no way to see directly in the hierarchy which sound is playing under a container, but there are other views in the Authoring that can give you that information. If you pop up the Advanced Profiler view (Shift + Z) and if you start and follow capture, you will be able to see in the Voice Graph tab which SFX is currently playing while hitting play on the random container. The Capture Log view (Shift + L) will also give you that information. Both of these views are available in the Profiler Layout but you can display them in any layout and dock them wherever you want.

Hope this helps !
answered Nov 25, 2018 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic) (12,380 points)