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Installing new plugins in the Wwise launcher and loading them in a project.

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Hi - first time posting a question here,


I am new to Wwise plugin development and have used the development tools to create a template effect and source plugin.

I have then done the premake, build and package steps outlined here (

They have installed successfully in the wwise launcher, however, they do not appear in the list of available plugins within any of my wwise projects (neither as source nor effects).

I've also gone through the steps outlined in the troubleshooting docs here to no avail (

I am using Wwise 2018.1.3 and integrating into Unity 2018.2.5f1.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

asked Nov 22, 2018 in General Discussion by Alex J. (110 points)

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Hi Alex,

I had similar problem and now its done, try build plugin with Release option.
I don't know why but in this page they said

python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" build Windows_vc140 -c Debug
python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" build Authoring -c Debug

but you don't need to build Debug version, just change them to Release.

python "%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" build Windows_vc140 -c Release
"%WWISEROOT%/Scripts/Build/Plugins/" build Authoring -c Release

hope this will help.

answered Apr 17, 2019 by Sho I. (170 points)