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Trigger sounds on sync with the music

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Sorry if this is a double post, but couldn't find my previous post on this. I'm trying to make a sort of rhythm machine in Unity and I'd like the sound to trigger on beat when the player presses a button.

Right now I'm using stingers for this which works pretty well, however, I'd like the sound to cut itself off and repeat if the player presses the button twice and the sound's still playing from the last press. It seems I am unable to have the singer do this.

Is there another way to play the sound so that it can cut itself off and repeat in sync with the music? If I were playing the sound direction from an event action, I could just cut it off, but it seems stingers don't work that way.

asked Nov 29, 2018 in General Discussion by David M. (150 points)

1 Answer

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Cant you add a 'stop' event to the stinger event ? I think if you triggered the stop event before a play event for the same sound, it would cut the currently playing event and then immediately trigger again ? Wouldnt you just have to put the stop event before the play in the hiearchy ?
answered Dec 17, 2018 by damon i. (890 points)
Hmm. I tried using a stop action in the event, but it won't stop a stinger, only a play action.

I found a way to do it where I limit it to one voice in the sound set where the stinger sounds are. But there's now some delay even when I turn on sreaming. That's a different issue though.  Thanks for the suggestion.