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AkAmbient - Change multiposition parent when destroyed

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Hello !

I am actually using the multiposition mode for AkAmbient assets, which is an incredible useful feature. However, i've noticed that, using AkAmbient components, I do not have the control of which object is the parent.

Besides, when the parent gameobject (the emitter sound) is destroyed, all the clones are destroyed as well, which is the expected behaviour regarding to the feature.

If we take the example you provide in the documentation with the torches. Let's think that torches are breakable. If unfortunately, I break the emitter gameobject, all the clones are destroyed as well.

I wanted to know if there is existing any way to transfer the parent emitter to one of the clones when the parent gameobject is destroyed.


Thank you !
asked Dec 2, 2018 in General Discussion by Slimane D. (170 points)

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