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Check if a Event is playing

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Hi All,


can someone explain me how to check if a Event is playing in Unity? We're using Unity 2018.1.1 and correlated Wwise integration. I can't find how to check this situation.

Kind regards
asked Dec 7, 2018 in General Discussion by Loris C. (140 points)
I just came here to ask the same question after searching hours for an answer.  Weird you can't find basic stuff like this in the docs, or anywhere else.
Since there seems to be no answer to this question, I had to implement my own state flags.  The looping events are easy enough by setting an extra flag when posting and stopping.  The one-offs are a bit more involved requiring a callback on EndOfEvent just to turn the flag off.  I suppose I could create a wrapper class if I really wanted to.  But, very very strange I have to add play state to someone else's audio object.  Isn't that what people want to know first about audio?
Hope no, because for my project make a state machine that will check if the events are playing will be very pity and frustrating (we're making a comic book app and some events plays for many pages and others only for one). Maybe, as i was thinking with my developer, wwise manage it in a very different way but it's not clear from the documentation.

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